Lighting Design and Consulting Services:

  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Design and Layouts
  • Decorative and Utilitarian Lighting Selections and Research
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Photometric Calculations with DAILux evo
  • Detailed Luminaire Schedules and Electronic Specification Sheets
  • Lighting Controls, Dimming and Daylight Harvesting
  • LED Lighting Design, Applications and Payback Calculations
  • National, State and Local Code Compliant Lighting Designs
  • LEED Building Lighting Designs
  • Lighting Cost Estimating and Project Budgeting
  • Site Surveying and Lighting Inspections
  • Construction Administration and Submittal Reviews
  • Written Lighting Reports and Analysis
  • Evaluations of Existing Lighting Conditions/Deficiencies and Remodel Recommendations/Solutions

Interior Lighting Calculations & Computer Modeling



Interior Lighting Design, Selection & Layouts

Exterior Lighting Design, Calculations & Computer Modeling

Luminous Design Concepts, LLC

 Interior & Exterior Lighting De​sign/Consulting