The Art of Light Brought to Light


 Interior & Exterior Lighting De​sign/Consulting

Luminous Design Concepts, LLC


Like many Architectural professionals you have probably become very aware that the lighting industry has become extremely advanced and rapidly changing over the last decade.

With the increased popularity of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, specialized lighting controls i.e. vacancy sensors and daylight harvesting, along with more refined lighting products, the lighting design industry has become a entity unto itself well deserving of it's own designers and consultants. An entity, that like so many in our industry, now requires a specialist in its field to address the needs of the Architect and end user.

A company to bridge the ever increasing gap between the architectural community and the engineering industry, one who understands and can envision exactly what the architect wants the statement of their finished project to be. Traditionally a consulting engineering has been called upon to design the lighting because it "needs electricity" however today's lighting demands allow more opportunity and necessity to involve an experienced lighting design professional who can assist in selecting and laying out the best lighting and illumination levels for the project.

So this raises the question, "why not add a lighting design consultant to more of your architectural projects?" One who can assist in ensuring that the client receives a professional lighting design that not only addresses the clients wishes, but the aesthetic requirements of the Architect, while also addressing the technical information the Electrical Engineer requires of every Lighting Designer to properly include that information on the construction document drawings... Luminous Design Concepts, LLC can be that bridge.

An experienced Lighting Designer works like an artist who applies paint to canvas , except the Lighting Designer uses the element of light and shadows as their paint and the walls, landscaping, or building as their canvas. The Art of Light Brought to Light!